Your non-profit needs resources–now

With LEAC’s streamlined approval process, your organization can minimize expenses, quickly and locally.

Here at LEAC, we strive to support the growth, expansion and on-going operations of the organizations that make our community thrive. Nassau County’s philanthropic and charitable organizations can look to LEAC as both a resource and an advocate. With our financial assistance, LEAC can help your organization save, so you can reinvest in your operations.

Here are just some of the ways LEAC can help:

  • Issue tax exempt debt
  • Link you to applicable loans
  • Refinance bonds
  • Explore expansion opportunities
  • Connect you to workforce training
  • Help with energy assistance
  • Provide other financial assistance


Here at LEAC, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how the our program can provide a customized solution for your organization. Through LEAC’s direct financial assistance program your non-profit organization can find easy access to tax exempt financing.

LEAC can issue tax-exempt bonds, making the bond proceeds available to an eligible organization. Financing through bonds can save non-profits a significant amount of their financing costs.

Contact your LEAC team to learn more about customized options available for your organization. We are happy to provide a confidential and complimentary analysis.