LEAC secures the right resources for social service organizations

We know that our residents deserve the right to a life of quality, dignity and success. That’s why LEAC looks to lend social services organizations a helping hand. Whether your group helps through housing, education or consultation, LEAC can link you to the resources you need most.


Community Services for the Mentally Retarded, Inc. (CSMR) provides much needing housing and employment assistance to our County’s special needs community. While CSMR already offers housing, services and health clinic visits to thousands, the social services organization still sought to extend their reach to the community.

With nearly $35 million in bond financing from LEAC, CSMR was able to construct a new special education pre-school facility, giving the organization the ability to help special needs children at an even earlier age. The facility provides special needs children with a safe place to play and learn. As these children grow, they can count on the fact that CSMR will be there to assist them with employment and housing as adults.

Not only does CSMR give the special needs community the opportunity to live life fully, they also give real employment opportunity to more 3,100 people — 1,820 of whom are our very own residents.

LEAC provides financial support for much-needed social services facilities in our community.