Welcome to the Nassau County Local Economic Assistance Corporation

The Nassau County Local Economic Assistance Corporation (NCLEAC) is your core Nassau County non-profit resource. Whether you're already located here or looking to expand social services, healthcare, education or other critical services in our county, we are committed to helping you succeed-so you can succeed in helping the community.

NCLEAC is a local development corporation of the State of New York formed under Section 1411 of the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law.

The mission and public purpose of the Corporation is to support and promote economic development efforts in Nassau County and for the public purpose and charitable purpose of benefiting and furthering the activities of Nassau County, New York, by serving as a conduit financing entity issuing taxable and tax-exempt revenue debt and providing other financial assistance to support the growth, expansion, on-going operations, and continued viability of the non-profit sector in the County.

The Corporation supports and promotes economic development in the County by efforts to attract new non-profits to the County and by assisting existing non-profits in their efforts to reduce costs.



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How we help

Nassau County's philanthropic and charitable organizations can look to NCLEAC as both a resource and an advocate. With our financial assistance, NCLEAC can help your organization save, so you can reinvest in your operations.

Success Stories

Nassau County companies and not-for-profits are not only leaders within their respective industries/services sector but leaders in innovation, cutting edge research and analytics, state-of-the-art facilities, and consumer experience. Various Nassau County service sectors are eligible for NCLEAC incentives.

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