How We Help

Non-profit resources

With NCLEAC's streamlined approval process, your organization can minimize expenses, quickly and locally. Here at NCLEAC, we strive to support the growth, expansion and on-going operations of the organizations that make our community thrive. Nassau County's philanthropic and charitable organizations can look to NCLEAC as both a resource and an advocate. With our financial assistance, NCLEAC can help your organization save, so you can reinvest in your operations.

The Corporation can best achieve its mission and public purpose by (i) the judicious use of its authority to offer financial assistance to qualified applicants, and (ii) offering the expertise of the Corporation's staff and officers in economic development matters to (a) assist non-profits in relocating to the County or expanding their operations in the County, and (b) assist other governmental authorities in identifying, creating and expanding economic development opportunities within the County, particularly those related to the non-profit sector.

The philosophy and guiding principles of the Corporation are to conduct its operations in the public interest with transparency and openness for all persons and entities coming before the Corporation, including, without limitation, prospective applicants, community members, government representatives and members of affected communities.

Our Process


We strive to be quick and efficient, with a goal of 90 to 120 days from the time an application is submitted to final approval by the NCLEAC Board of Directors. Urgency, accountability and transparency is our promise to you throughout the process.

  • Intake – Prior to submitting an application, please contact us if you have questions about our incentive offerings, timing, or any other topic using the Business Intake Form or by calling our main office number (517) 571-1945.
  • Application – Once submitted, our executive team and counsel will review your application to ensure eligibility and that no additional information is needed.
  • Preliminary Inducement – As part of the application process, you'll be invited to make an in-person presentation to the NCLEAC Board of Directors.
  • Staff Review – Upon approval of the Preliminary Inducement, staff will begin a due diligence review and offer an opinion to the Board.
  • Final Approval – You'll be invited to make a second presentation to the Board, which votes on the project.
  • Closing – The NCLEAC CEO and/or counsel will then attend the project's closing as applicable.

Success Stories

Nassau County companies and not profits are not only leaders within their respective industries/services sector but leaders in innovation, cutting edge research and analytics, state-of-the-art facilities, and consumer experience. Various Nassau County industries are eligible for NCLEAC incentives.